Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Post!

      Hello, I hope you Enjoy my Blog, I will Post a new blog Everyday!

      This Blog is Completely Random! That Means one second I could be talking about music, videos, videogames and Other stuff I find and/or things that happen in my life.

Anyways,  Topic of the Day is my first post on my blog :D.
I go by the alias of Immortal on the internet But, my real name is  �����.

For The First Post. I invite you to either play with me on steam or Play with me on Xbox live :3.
I might even send you a gift on steam :o.
Just say you read my blog and i'll play with you. :3

My Xbox Live is ZeroImmortal.
My Twitter is the same.
You Can find my Steam at.


  1. i may add you on steam... tonight maybe

  2. Awesome, Looking forward to hearing from you :3.

  3. welcome to blogging :) looking forward +followed

  4. Interested to see where this will go. If you keep the posts interesting, I'll keep coming back.