Sunday, March 13, 2011

Late again D:

Sorry, i was out with my parents last night visiting my family with my girl friend and stuff...

Chen Garden

 Great place good food, If your thinking about visiting iowa you should go here for some great food :D!..

Cec - Fort 8 (Movie Theater)

We Watched Red Riding hood and Battle for LA here. Both really great movies :T.

CrossRoads Mall

We Visited Fye and got some Pocky With a Japanese drink :O. Both were great. Then we ate at one of the small shops there. Sloppy fries are really good :O.

We went back to the movie theater after this :D!

Olde Boston's Restaurant & Pub


What a great place, nice people wonderful drinks. A good place to wind down after a eventful day. I was high off of monster but, i still enjoyed this place :D

I gotta remember to bring a camera XD...... Then you guys might be able to see it from my eyes... :O


  1. jeez, a really small town lol. is that brick? hahaha

  2. looks like you had a really nice evening :)

  3. these places look pretty cool.

  4. Way smaller than San Diego...